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What do to balcony garden in summer

 Summer Balcony Garden Ideas Chris Collins, a former Blue Peter gardener, and champion of organic gardening has been involved in promoting above-ground gardeners through his seasonal balcony garden series. In this article, find out about his Summer Balcony Gardening Ideas. According to Chris Collins, Organic Horticulture Chairman of the Garden Organic Foundation, Summer is the time to enjoy the colorful, delicious results of your planning and hard work. "A chair is essential at this time of year, so you can soak up all the hard work you put in to create your summer balcony garden oasis." "Once big work like your seasonal planting is done, it doesn't take much effort to follow organic principles and grow a small space. But from my own experience, I can tell - the rewards are invaluable! "For me, summer is all about pottery and maintenance. Make sure your plants are in the right conditions and enjoy cooking and eating at home using edible herbs and sal

5 secrets to growing delicious zucchini

 5 secrets to growing delicious zucchini on the balcony or in your garden Zucchini is one of the most popular vegetables, which is planted in our garden in the spring and harvested in the summer. Zucchini belongs to the same family of plants as cucumber, melon, and watermelon. Growing zucchini is considered to be very simple and we highly recommend this to new growers as we can grow zucchini even in pots on our balcony if we do not have a garden. Zucchini is eaten boiled, fried, and roasted and is an important ingredient in many favorite summer food recipes such as pumpkin, priam, and stuffing. It is worth noting that zucchini has a significant nutritional value, as it is high in fiber, potassium, calcium, and folic acid. So let’s see what care is needed to grow zucchini to enjoy the most delicious and crunchy zucchini from the garden in our kitchen. What season and how to plant zucchini in our garden? Early planting of zucchini is done with ready-made plants purchased from

balcony garden grow veggies

 Balcony garden plants grow tips By growing on your balcony, you are beautifying a space that is very bitter. On top of that, you can accomplish these things Reduce noise pollution by fostering life barriers Make it harder for pests to come into your garden Provide little food for yourself and reduce your “food miles” Plan your balcony garden When growing on a balcony your first important consideration is whether you can support growing on the balcony. Most balconies can handle a few containers or beds, but it’s a good idea to test the firmness of your space before you load it with plants. You will be amazed at how heavy a container can be if the soil, water, and mounted tomato plant, especially if there is a bunch of them. Spread your pots around your balcony without sticking to one area. Doing this will expand the weight distribution and you will not have any garden bugs on the bad balcony. Look at the growing conditions on your balcony The sun Which direction is your bal