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Black Spots on Houseplant Leaves and Solutions

 Causes and remedies for Black Spots on houseplant leaves Houseplants can help make dull corners of your home or office happier and brighter. Maybe you pay more attention to your plants, but there may still be issues with plant health and appearance. One problem you may notice is black spots on the leaves of your houseplant. Knowing these spots and possible solutions will help keep your plants free of blackheads. You pour too much water into the plant Excessive watering is the most common killer of houseplants today. The appearance of black spots may be the last call of the plant for help. Damage caused by over-watering your plant will start at the roots and then move upwards. If the leaves are attacked, your plant is on the verge of death and you need to act fast. To see if this is the cause, open the pot of the plant and look at the roots. If they are brown, black, and thin or have a foul odor, it means your plant is too waterlogged and needs help. You can cut off the dam