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5 Ways to Landscape with Ornamental Grass

 Landscape with Ornamental Grass Ornamental grasses look simple and beautiful but can make a bold impact on your landscape. From their decorative properties to practical applications, these low-maintenance plants will keep you happy for many years to come. Try one of these five ways to use grass in your yard. 1. Wall the Line The use of grass to line up a walkway creates a beautiful path for visitors to progress. They also act as a gentle transition point between the hard edges of the stone and the adjacent planting beds and preserve the natural look. 2. Hard containers The lawn will attract in containers just like it does in your yard. For maximum play, arrange tall grass with short flowers and a leafy ivy or goliath. Three plant species (green) thumbs per container is a good rule of thumb, but you can use less for a symmetrical look like the pots shown here. 3. No slippery slopes One of the most effective uses of grasses is to prevent soil erosion, especially in mountaino