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How To Grow Micro Greens At Home

 Grow Micro Greens At Home Among the easy and fast-growing crops, microgreens offer a plate of fresh flavors ranging from mild to spicy and encourage re-cultivation to provide fresh greens following creative uses. Here's how to grow microgreens indoors. Seedlings of these young are grown in a tender condition for harvesting and are suitable for window gardening. They are ready for harvest and can have their stems cut off after two or three weeks of growth. Once grown, the microgreens will turn into young seedlings and then full-grown plants. You need pot mix and bright light to grow microgreens indoors. The flavors are intense, like a full-grown plant, delicate. Related Links - 5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Raised Beds How to do it Dampen Soil To begin to grow microorganisms indoors, remove the soil-free seed-starting mixture, which is a sterile medium designed to promote seed growth. Sprinkle warm water on the mix and mix well until moist. Fill the containers Fill eac