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How to maintain a money tree

 How to maintain  Only four leaves give good luck! With our tips, these tropical bears have good luck and will thrive indoors, even for new plant parents. There are endless choices for succulent plants or cactus gardens or plants for your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. But how many people will bring you luck, positive energy, and financial success? Legend has it that the cash tree or Pachira Aquatica will do just that. Believe in folk tales if you like, but the glossy green leaves of the cash tree will be the perfect tropical addition to any interior space in your home. They have been shown to reduce internal volatile organic compounds and are not difficult to maintain! You can find cash trees in the form of braided stems or bonsai. In their native Central and South America, they grow as forests in wetlands (hence the scientific name "aquatic"), but they are well adapted to houseplant life. "It's a good choice for new plant parents because it's no

What is the best way to grow a Chinese money plant at home

Chinese money plant at home The Chinese money plant, also known as Pilia pepperomiodis, is an eye-catching green gem that is recognized as one of the most popular plants around the world. This species belongs to the stinging nettle family and is very easy to maintain. This wonderful little plant is a thing of beauty. With its spherical dark green leaves, the Chinese cash tree is more suited to give character than any other interior. How to grow Chinese money plant tree at home Properly covered, it will withstand plenty of adverse conditions. Levels of toxicity Although the cash tree is not dangerous to cats, it is advisable to prevent your cat from biting it. If you take enough of the non-toxic herb, it can cause stomach upset in dogs. Air purifier Interestingly, formaldehyde and xylene, which are prevalent in paints, varnishes, and paper products, are removed from the air by this indoor plant. Benefits to people and place These plants are great for people who are just star