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Prevent Rabbits from Falling in Your Garden

 6 Ways to Prevent Rabbits from Falling in Your Garden Rabbits can be beautiful - with their large ears, soft furry bodies, bunny hops, and wiggles noses - but that admiration will soon disappear once you see the damage they do to your vegetable crops! Although they are found worldwide, more than half of the world's total rabbit population lives in North America. They can also be found eating greens in dense urban settings. Turbulent appetite and often descending in numbers, rabbits will treat any delicate plant but have a specific choice of foods grown in the vegetable garden: beets, beans, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, peas, and coriander. They also eat flowers and other ornamental plants. When there is a shortage of food in the winter, the rabbits remove the bark from the trees and shrubs. Get ready this spring by combining various rabbit repellent techniques to help protect your valuable plants. 1. Garden fencing One of the best ways to protect yourself against rabbi