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 Rodent-flower bulbs Are you tired of planting tulips and crocus bulbs only to disappear because rats and squirrels consider them a delicious snack? There are other bulbs that are less attractive to rodents and the show can be extended to summer by planting early, mid, and late flowering plants. Here are some of the ones they look like in the garden: Kalandas Nivalis - A welcome sight in the spring of snowdrops. ‘Floor plan is a double flowering variety that marks the end of winter, even if it is covered with snow and ice to do so. Eranthus hymenalis - one of the earliest bulbs of winter aconite flowering, sending its green leaves and bright yellow butterbur flowers when the frost is complete. Cyanodoxa - Glory of the Snow grows to about 6 inches tall and sprays star-shaped flowers in shades of pink, blue, lavender, or white. Although it is considered a "small" bulb, it exerts maximum effort and produces large colorful slips. After all, the squirrel does not tou