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Stylish side yard makeover

 Side Yard Makeover Everyone wants a good back and forth - look for a gardener's stylish side yard decor filled with easy-to-care flowering shrubs and perennials. Give a decoration to your boring side yard It's easy to forget those tricky landscapes between the side courtyards, the house, and the property line, as you can see above. For many of us, these lean places are challenging to the landscape. Debris and recycling bins are stacked and encouraged to use them as a pathway or completely avoidance area to avoid the accumulation of manure invisibly. But you can turn them into a pleasant way to go from front to back, just like in Wisconsin Zone 5. Informal route A straight lawn path between beds that were once well- mulched is all the more pleasant and rewarding with the addition of a flagship path for snakes through beds lined with reliable shrubs, annuals, and perennials. Setting the flagpole in concrete is expensive and difficult. Instead, to get a visual sense