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How control termities in raised beds

 Do raise beds to attract termites? Avoid this! You may be wondering if raised beds attract termites. Many gardeners face termite infestation in their raised beds. These termites feed on wood and destroy every wooden furniture or accessory in their presence. This is what makes people wonder if their raised beds attract termites into their homes. Raised beds attract termites and cause termite infestation. However, infection depends largely on many conditions, such as the wood you use, the humidity of the raised bed the general area of ​​your garden, and the location of the horticultural bed. Many blame their raised beds for the infection. But the reality is different. The termites you see in your backyard do not have to be due to raised beds. You may have other items that attract termites in their backyard. What attracts termites? It is common to grow beds to attract termites - these annoying pests like to be in moist and vegetative places like gardens. Since there are no te