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harvest and store cabbage

 How to harvest and store cabbage Harvest the cabbage in any size after the head is firm and before it splits. Wrap two or four wrapper leaves around the head to prevent it from drying out. Head cabbage can be harvested when a softball size -5 inches (12 cm) or more, press it to test firmness. The elongated Chinese or Napa cabbage head is 9 to 12 inches (22-30 cm) high and ready for harvest. After a month of losing the leaf cabbage-does not form tight heads, use the cut-back method. When to harvest cabbage There are dozens of varieties of cabbage. It is important to study the different types of growing to know what to expect. Some varieties remain in the garden for several weeks after hardening and hardening, while others need to be harvested immediately. Cabbage prefers cool growing temperatures, between 55 ° -75 F / 13 ° -24 C. Early or spring cabbage matures in 50 to 60 days. Intermediate varieties planted in early spring take 75 to 85 days to reach full size. Late or st

Cabbage cultivation and planting tips in containers

 Cabbage  planting tips in containers Cabbage is very nutritious and there are many dishes we can make from them. They can be roasted, baked, roasted, wrapped, eaten as salads, pickles, and raw. Also, they can grow easily. They do not need large grounds and terraces or raised beds to grow them. In fact, they can be easily grown in containers. You will definitely enjoy growing them. Did you choose which cabbage you want to grow? You can start to reproduce by seeds or seedlings. Make sure the type of cabbage you grow is suitable for the current season and the climatic conditions in your area. When buying a seed packet it will have notes written on it. If you want to start growing cabbage from seedlings, the instructions are attached to them, or talk to the seller. Check with nurseries in your area or online.  If you live in a frost-free area, seedlings can be planted at any time when the temperature is in the range of 50-85 F (10-30 C). When they begin to mature, the ideal te