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 Virginia Creeper Virginia Creeper, Parthenosis quinquefolia When it comes to flags and climbers, do you want a pet leopard or pet cat? This is the difference between Virginia Creeper and Boston Ivy, the two plants are often confused by the similar shapes of their leaves and turn into a wonderful crimson color in the fall. But remember: for a good reason the Virginia creeper is less cultivated in domestic conditions. It has a wild nature. Native to Virginia but not a creeping one (unless you consider the way it travels underground, with spreading rhizomes), Parthenosis quincefolia is like a leopard in carrying a baby; It can only be overcome. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for Virginia: Remember Gary Grant's embarrassment with Baby: "I Won't Take Him" ​​and Catherine Hepburn's Answer: "You Got Him.") Photo of Brit Willoughby Tire, for Gardenista, except as mentioned. The Virginia Creeper, a native of East Ameri