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Colorful vegetables that grow for health

A healthy punch of colorful vegetables! Scientific studies have confirmed that people who eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those with a deeper complexion, have a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and age-related neurological impairment. The secret lies in the colors. It makes sense to study whether the compounds that plants make in response to stress can help humans in similar situations. The first plant pigment - chlorophyll - initiates photosynthetic reactions, which produce most of the food and oxygen that most animal organisms retain on Earth. Other pigments serve higher plants by attracting pollen to their flowers and attracting seed-scattering animals to their fruits. Pigments protect plants from solar radiation, antioxidant damage to cells, environmental stress, and attacks by microorganisms, insects, and predators. Pigments heal damaged plant tissues, help control growth, and act in many ways that have not yet been discovered. Be