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5 Herbs you can plant once

 Perennial herbs you can plant once Without spending tons of money and time planting new plants each season, perennial herbs are a great way to continue your supply of fresh herbs. With proper care and cultivation, these ten trouble-free herbs will thrive in the years to come. 1. Lavender Developing Tips: Plant lavender in full sun in well-drained soil. It does not like to have too much moisture, so let the soil dry before deep watering. Harvest: It is best to harvest lavender as soon as the buds have formed, but before the flowers are fully open. This will allow you to get the optimal color and aroma from your plants. Grab large bunches of lavender stems near the base and cut with sharp scissors. Tie the bundle together and hang upside down in a warm dry place away from direct sunlight. After about 2-4 weeks, the lavender is ready to use. Shake the flowers and leaves gently and place them in an airtight jar. uses: Fresh or dried lavender can be used as a vibrant and delici

Indoor herbs that grow easily throughout the year

Herbs that grow easily throughout the year Did you know that any window in your home can be turned into a small herb garden? If you have any empty space in the house away from the windows in the bedroom, living room, kitchen room then of course you have another great property in your living space. You can cut off the fragrant leaves and delicious stems for use in the kitchen without going to the garden because they are always ready to serve. Also, some flavors are ideal for medicine, aroma, or general home use. For these reasons, growing herb gardens indoors has become a favorite of many housewives and gardeners in recent years. As it grows, most of you will think of a large garden. But this is not the only choice, you can easily grow some of your window chips indoors as long as you give them enough sunlight and water. These plants look beautiful when grown in small quantities in pots in a window or a window box. Also, they display stunning green foliage because they can be