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Adding a Living Mulch

popular living mulches Red Clover - If you want a live mulch that does double duty and attracts a lot of pollinators, consider growing red clover. Your local bee people will thank you. Roman Chamomile - This short relative of the German chamomile is often used as a floor covering to enjoy nature and make a good living mulch. Smaller vining crops - Let your cucumbers roam freely, or the Cuckoos will run wild and not rule out that patty bun squash. By allowing the winery crops to grow where they want, you have got an excellent low-growing mulch that you can eat. White Clover - An ideal living mulch to use around low-growing crops that will not grow too tall and provide shade for your vegetables. Be sure to prune it before going to seed at the end of the season. Buckwheat - Buckwheat not only grows fast, it stifles weeds, but it is also a phosphorus fixer. Chop before going to seed. Alfalfa - It is common practice to use this nitrogen-fixer as green manure, but it makes a