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How to propagate plants by seeds

Horticultural secrets: how to propagate plants by seeds The most common way for plants to reproduce in nature is by seed falling to the ground or being carried by the wind, water, and birds. Seeds, they are called in most fruits. Plant reproduction by seed is found in most plants, vegetables, ornamental plants, aromatic plants, and fruit trees . This helps maintain our favorite plant species and at the same time reduces the cost of creating plants. Each seed has a germinating embryo when it is exposed to moisture, temperature, and oxygen. The endosperm and cotyledons of the seed contain nutrients that help in embryonic development in the early stages until it forms the root system and leaves. Depending on the plant and the crop, there may be more efficient, easier, or faster-breeding methods. So let's look in detail at how to collect and store seeds, what to focus on seed germination, how to help seed germination, and useful tips for creating vibrant and healthy plants