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Solutions for Summer Squash Pests and Diseases

 squash pests and diseases Summer squash is relatively easy to grow, but there are many pests and diseases that can affect plants. Early control of the following pests, especially cucumber beetles, can be best achieved by keeping the crop with a floating row lid installed at the time of planting. Keep it until the plants start to bloom, then remove it to allow for pollination. Mode-weight array covers, such as Agribon's AG-19, provide additional heat for rapid growth and frost protection up to about 28 F. To reduce pest and disease stress, avoid planting other cucumbers such as melons, winter squash, or pumpkins grown in the last three years. For assistance with pests not discussed below, contact your local co-operative extension service. Insects Cucumber beetles can destroy small seedlings or transplants and cause significant forage damage even on full-size plants. If that is not enough, these beetles will transmit bacterial wilt and squash mosaic virus to your squash