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Growing Succulents for Your Space

 11 Tall Growing Succulents for Your Space Most succulents grow slowly, but there are some varieties that can grow to great heights over time when planted outdoors. Also, they become towering plants in yards and parks. In this article, we'll explore 11 tall-growing succulents that will add dramatic height to your space. After reading, we are sure you will be surprised to come across famous names but you don't think they are meaty. Each has its own interesting character that will suit your taste. You can grow tall succulents as a backdrop to shorter plants, or as a focal point to draw attention away from construction, or if you want to live on a farm, these succulents will help you make the most of their beauty. Growing them will fill empty spaces in your garden and bring excitement and life to your living rooms. 1 Century Plant Centennial plants grow up to 30 feet (9.0 meters) and 8 across (2.4 meters). They are famous for their silvery blue pointed leaves that form

The best succulent plants

 The best succulent plants to grow in your home or garden Whether you are already a dedicated plant parent or just starting your green collection, there is nothing better than having a beautiful succulent in your home office or on the window sill. Succulents are widely liked not only for their toughness but also for their incredible variety - and if you’ve been on Instagram recently, you know. Take a look at our favorites. The Sill Succulent Assortment Not sure where to start, but excited to go? We love this little starter collection that sucks from the chip. Get different varieties in three, six, or twelve small growers. Ponytail Palm It may look like a palm tree, but the ponytail palm is actually succulent. Among its distinctive features are the bud-like stem and hair-like leaves - hence the name. Other name: Beaucarnea Recurvat Genus: Beaucarnea Family: Asparagaceae Snake plant This succulent plant is commonly called the "snake plant" or "mother-in-law ton

How to plant a succulent garden

Succulent garden Succulent gardens, fat leaves, and plants with unusual shapes add interest to ordinary landscapes. You may think that succulent plants are difficult to plant and maintain because they look so attractive. In fact, succulents are some of the easiest plants to grow. They thrive in conditions where other plants are neglected. The key to a successful succulent garden is the right kind of soil and light. Once you have mastered those basic needs, just occasional watering is enough to help your plants thrive. 1. Choose a place where your garden gets full sun and partial shade. If you have cactus in your garden, make sure the place gets bright sun for at least a part of the day. 2. Prepare the soil in the outdoor garden, remove grass and weeds and break up with a shovel. If you change the soil in your garden, remove it now. 3. Faster draining by combining equal parts sharp builder sand, creating succulent soil; A large, coarse material such as gravel or pumice, mixe

unhealthy roots in succulent plants

 Signs of healthy and unhealthy roots in succulent plants Your succulents are your children and know how to take care of them when faced with excessive watering, underwater, and other definite signs of plant struggle. When fighting your succulents, the first thing to go for is the roots. Catch the early signs of common plant problems with these tricks to check your succulent roots: What are healthy roots like? Succulents are elastic and will continue to thrive even if their leaves, stems, or roots are slightly damaged. Healthy succulent roots will always appear white or pale, long enough to hold dirt in the shape of your pot, and veins. Healthy roots also appear moist, and the thickness they derive from the root ball is reduced. If your succulent roots do not like most of the soil in your pot, do not transplant it - instead, let it grow a little more before replanting. What about unhealthy roots? Unhealthy roots may appear dry, broken, or dark in color. Alternatively, your