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Plant a drought-tolerant Home garden

 Drought tolerant plants The lush greenery and colorful blooms of these hardy but beautiful drought-tolerant plants do not stop on hot, dry days. Find some of our favorites here! Plant a drought-tolerant garden Whether you live in an arid area with irrigation restrictions, or you live in an area with high natural rainfall, a garden needs perennial plants when the weather is hot and dry. If you design your garden with heat and dry weather in mind and use less water, you will spend less time pulling a hose around the garden while you relax in the shade. Do not stop watering as these plants can tolerate some drought. But keep calm knowing that when the temperature rises, your water bill does not have to increase either! Properties of drought-tolerant plants Most of these plants have colorful flowers and some are beautiful foliage, but they all have features that allow them to survive drought and thrive. They may have very deep roots to reach moisture or are succulent to store