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How and what to plant under a tree

what to plant under a tree You are not stupid enough to want to set up a garden under a mature tree. It is natural for a gardener to close his eyes and turn the hard earth, rare weeds, and bud roots into a shady corner with hostas, astilps, and jack-in-the-pulpits. Nature is good when it comes to gardening. As with many endeavors, there is a right and wrong way to set up a garden under a tree. My training as a professional horticulturist has taught me that when planting under mature trees care is needed not to damage their roots. I also know that the plants I choose have to deal with dry soil, shade, root competition, and ever-changing humidity and light conditions. Look for plants that work well with dry shade. Even if you are not a horticulturist, knowing the root system and cultural needs of the tree will allow you to create a garden with new plants and trees. See Tips for Planting. Meet the needs of your tree first Not all trees are created equal. Each one needs specifi

7 fruit trees that grow in cold climates

fruit trees that grow in cold climates The cold weather can be harsh on many fruit trees and shrubs, resulting in reduced yields due to winter damage. But living in cold weather does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to harvest your favorite fruit. There are plenty of fruit trees suitable for cold climates. Trees need cool climates to bear fruit, so they are best suited for colder climates. We hope you find the list of 7 fruit trees that thrive in cool weather. If you live in a cold climate, they are the best plants for you. They are very cool, regardless of low temperatures, and will give you a fresh harvest even in the colder months. Not only are all the vegetables here suitable for cold climates, but they also give you the best taste. Spend your time checking them out with us! 1 apricot Apricot fruits tolerate frost on winter days. The plant produces a large number of fruits from the fourth year of growth. 2 Peach Peaches thrive in slightly acid soils and pre


 Learn why fall is the best time to plant trees Why do plant trees fall? Perhaps most importantly, autumn planting allows a tree a lot of time to establish its root system before winter. The roots begin to grow as soon as they touch the moist earth and continue to grow until the soil temperature is above 40 F (4 ° C). Then, when the first warm breath of spring finally coordinates the growth of new shoots, the autumn-planted tree is in place, with its roots already growing in the soil. More suitable for digging the soil in the fall than in the spring. In the fall, the heat of summer is enough to keep the soil moist, without dust, and crumbles most of the time - the perfect condition for digging planting holes. In addition, if you are in an area with high snowfall, you do not have to deal with all the frost (or resulting mud) if you plant in the fall. Buying a tree When buying trees for your location, you have some different options depending on what type of nursery tree you