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Learn some tricks to water house plants better

 How to water houseplants Most houseplant problems are caused by waterlogging. Use these tips to tell if you are over-watering your indoor plants or underwater, and then learn some tricks to make the best watering for houseplants. Household plant health crisis Wouldn’t it be nice if our houseplants told us what was wrong? It is easy to miss the signals that tell you that a plant is not happy, and sometimes those signals are vague. Most gardeners find that when they see a withered plant, it needs more water. It may be. But it can be very wet. To prevent these from happening, learn to read the situation before watering your houseplant, instead of watering on a strict schedule. What factors are affected when watering houseplants? In low light, plants need less water as they grow with less vigor. Also, the temperature can affect the houseplants in different ways. If the heat and air are dry, your plant may need more water because it will lose moisture through its stomata or por