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Crunchy fruit - Grow the Best Watermelon from Seed

How to Grow the Best Watermelon from Seed On hot summer afternoons, we don't need much more than the shade of a mimosa tree and a watermelon to keep us cool. My grandfather would split one open, spear the flesh with his fingers, and pull out a piece. We ate it with our hands and weren't afraid to make a mess. Watermelon and I are a match made in heaven—actually, it turns out. Little did I know then that I would marry someone from a family that has grown watermelons for the past 90 years. While it's easy to bring watermelons home from the field, we enjoy growing them in a garden close to home. Breeding has reduced the demand for watermelons for luxury berths in the garden. And they can also be trellised. When you pick and eat a perfectly ripe watermelon from your own garden, you will understand the meaning of home fun. Garden information tips 👇 Watermelon Growing Tips Wet soil promotes rot. Watermelons do best in well-drained soil, so plant them in mounds to avo

Grow a healthy watermelon crop

 6 tips you need to follow to grow a healthy watermelon crop On a hot summer day, the taste of sweet, juicy watermelon will win some things over! This easy-to-grow plant is an excellent addition to gardens and does not take much work to make a successful harvest. If you have garden space, you will find that growing watermelons is worth the work. Sometimes we can all use a little extra help in our projects. So if you have never grown watermelons before, if you are an experienced person who wants to give it a try or want to see if you are doing it right, read these tips to grow a healthy watermelon crop! 1. Start with well-fertilized soil Regardless of what you plant in your garden, one of the best things you can do for it is to start with nutritious soil. This will help to provide the nutrients needed for the seeds or seedlings to start growing. Before planting, add a thick layer of compost to the garden area and work well up to 4-6 "above the soil surface. Adding nutri