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weeding your home garden naturally

 Weeding without chemicals  Dealing with weeds is a job you can not put off, but must be done carefully so as not to aggravate the problem. Pulling them out by hand or plucking them from the top can leave the roots of perennial weeds intact, causing stunted growth - even small root cuttings will grow into new plants. In summer, the invasion of weeds may go unnoticed because their growing foliage mixes with your border plants. They grow and multiply incredibly fast. Some, like nettles, dandelions, and thistles are wonderful seeds, so cut them off as soon as you see their flowers or seeds to prevent them from placing seeds around the garden. When dealing with them without chemicals, you need to allow some top growth to develop so you can follow the stems to the ground and locate their roots. At a planted border, use a long-handled fork to loosen the soil around the roots and tease as many as you can reach. Even if some roots break in the soil, doing this regularly will weaken