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Time to plant fall vegetables

Summer's the Perfect Time to plant fall vegetables Summer feels like peak season in the vegetable garden, when tomatoes, squash, and other warm-season plants abound. However, plenty of fall vegetables are planted to make your garden productive. If you plan to start planting in late summer, you can extend your garden-fresh produce harvest into fall and even winter by growing cool-season crops. For example, try planting fast-growing salad crops to quickly fill more messy summer vegetable beds. And many other sweet root crops, such as beets and carrots, and cabbage relatives, such as cabbage, will continue to grow for several weeks beyond the first frost. These tips will help you beat the summer heat and fill your table with plenty of homegrown goodness. It's all about timing The secret to growing an abundance of fall vegetables is timing. That means thinking a bit differently because you have to plan backward. Start with the average first fall frost date for your area