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3 Organic Pesticides That Really Work

Organic Pesticides That Really Work

Gardening naturally is often a process of trial and error. There are many different types of pests that can become a problem, and organic pesticides are sometimes recommended as a solution.

3 Organic Pesticide Recipes to Consider

To get started, let's look at three common organic pesticides. All three of these options work just as effectively as the harmful chemical pesticides on the market.

They are definitely desirable for these dangerous products.

If you have a major infection with expensive plants, it may be your short-term option to take this drastic action and use a pesticide.

1. Garlic pesticide

Garlic is a useful plant to grow - not just for its uses in the kitchen.

It is widely used as a natural medicine and the reasons for this make it a powerful organic pesticide. It is high in sulfur compounds which will kill the pests that attack your plants.

To create a garlic pesticide spray on your affected plants:

Take a bulb of garlic and separate the cloves and peel.

Crush or mix the cloves into a thin paste.

Mix this garlic puree in about 4 cups of water. (Rainwater is better than tap water.)

Add two tablespoons of natural liquid soap. (Be careful when choosing organic, natural soaps with a balanced pH.) The soap helps the spray stick to the foliage but also acts as a pesticide.

Pour the mixture into a large jar or other closed container and let the solution stand overnight.

Drain the mixture (to prevent the tip from sticking when you try to spray it).

Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle and spray directly on the stems and leaves of the affected plants within a week.

Note - This will destroy all the insects that come in contact with it. It should also be noted that severe spraying can affect the taste of your food crops.

If you decide to use it, avoid using it within a month of harvest time.

2. Neem oil is an organic pesticide

Neem oil derived from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree is a bio-insecticide used in natural agriculture and horticulture.

The juices work by preventing the insects from feeding and by preventing the insect from digesting the hormone.

It repels or kills a variety of insect species, but does not appear to be harmful to a wide variety of beneficial insects and other wildlife.

To spray neem oil pesticide:

Take a teaspoon of clean, cold-pressed neem oil.

Add about 4 cups of warm water.

½ Add a teaspoon of liquid soap (natural and neutral in pH, above).

Pour into a spray bottle and apply the mixture to your affected plants.

While it works well in dry conditions, it is also a pesticide that will stop working if washed off by rain. So after rain or watering, it should be used again.

3. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a powder made from the fossils of small aquatic organisms.

The fossils are silica-rich and have sharp edges. These do not infect humans but kill many small insect pests, including aphids.

By spraying this powder on and around your plants, you can deal with various garden pests.

However, it is worth noting that when it works when it is dry, this organic pesticide will become ineffective after rain and must be reused.

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