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Container vegetable garden

 7 ideas Container vegetable garden

The first reason most people choose a container vegetable garden is to save space. While this is a fantastic reason to get started, it may not be the only benefit you get from learning how to grow food in containers. Growing edible crops in a container garden is ideal for renters and may not have land available for planting.

Container gardening is also an appropriate way to engage in gardening, before making a major commitment to gardening.

It is also a worthy way to try fresh vegetables in small quantities.

What plants are best to grow in containers?

You will be delighted to learn that a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs are all waiting to be planted in containers.

In general, fast-growing crops are best suited for container gardening, with a few exceptions. It is also important to consider the size of the plant when selecting seeds. Maize, for example, grows very tall and is prone to high winds. It may not be good in a container, or it may not be suitable for winning vegetables such as pumpkin or buttermilk squash.

7  Benefits of Container Gardening

Except for saving space

Let’s go beyond space and look for some other key benefits of container gardening because performance takes us so far.

1. Container gardens are easy to access

Since the containers can be placed near your home, planting, weeding, and harvesting can all be easily accomplished in just a few steps from home, even on the deck or in the backyard.

This also means no mud boots! Although you will weed by hand, a pair of horticultural gloves is highly recommended.

2. Save water and other resources

If planting in pots, water only as often as the soil in your containers dries out. This happens naturally on hot and windy days. It also depends on your planting containers. Like terracotta pots, metal pots heat up quickly and the soil dries quickly. Polished ceramic is best for retaining moisture.

In any case, irrigation can be done easily with a hose or irrigation can, which ultimately saves water.

Another way to store container garden resources is to use compost, manure, and other soil corrections. All you need is a pot fit, and nothing more. You may need to experiment to find out what your plants value most.

3. Fewer weeds than traditional gardens

Forget about breaking your back with a spade. All you need is your hands, two small hand tools (such as a trowel and a spade) and you are ready to go. Since the soil exposed to the sun is less, if you start with the substrate of sterile soil you will have fewer weeds to fight off from the trip.

This allows you to focus on the growth of your plants instead of unwanted weeds.

4. Pests are easy to control

If you garden in containers, you will grow fewer varieties of crops. That in itself reduces the chance of catching pests.

Attach to the fact that the pots have been removed from the ground, and slaughter of grubs and insects that you already nibble, rest and nibble under the soil.

If unwanted visitors appear, it is easier to control the number of pests manually than to keep the plant out of the garden. It is even possible to isolate the plant by covering it completely or moving it to another location.

5. Container gardens are portable

Do your container plants need sun or shade? Or a gentle combination of the two?

Do you expect unprecedented rain (or hail!) To damage your container garden crop?

The good news is, if necessary, you can move your pots out of the way of harm. Notice, I said “possible”. If they are too heavy, this can be a difficult task. However, if you think a little further ahead, the larger pots may be on wheels or in carts that are easier to move. A plant vinegar is a perfect solution for pots that are easy to move in and out of the sun.

6. Immediate upgrade to your yard or garden

If your container garden is outside your back door, you may enjoy the flexibility of moving pots to re-decorate as the season progresses.

Bring forward harvestable or flowering plants. Set the others, they are their primary, but you still want to store the seeds laterally or posteriorly.

What is the beauty of container gardening In, you can add it regularly? If you think you need to bring some more herbs home, do not skip them. They will be happy in your other pot plants!

7. Requires less physical activity

Initially, the container does not require plowing through the garden. Filling the pots for the first time is the biggest energy release you need. The rest are simple. If you can deal with it, you can harvest the herbs throughout the summer. Hopefully with some tomatoes and lettuce.

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