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Winter Gardening Tips to Tackle in the Off Season

 Winter Gardening Tips to Cope With the Off-Season As winter goes on, interested gardeners become more interested in growing. Even if you can’t dig your hoe into the soil yet, then you can do a lot now to thank yourself. While you wait for the hot weather to subside, try these simple winter gardening tips. Winter weed control The occasional warm winter day provides the perfect opportunity for winter weed control. Removing a few weeds right now will save your garden (and your back!) From pulling hundreds of babies as you prepare your garden for spring. The optimal time to remove winter weeds is the beginning of winter before small seeds are frozen and spread by frost, pests, and wind. Simply roll your hands and carefully dig the weeds using hand tools. Get as much plant as possible without spreading the seeds to your garden. Covering your land well during the winter months can also encourage annual weeding. Maintaining a thick lawn and mulching your bare garden areas is a si