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harvest and store cabbage

 How to harvest and store cabbage

Harvest the cabbage in any size after the head is firm and before it splits. Wrap two or four wrapper leaves around the head to prevent it from drying out.

Head cabbage can be harvested when a softball size -5 inches (12 cm) or more, press it to test firmness.

The elongated Chinese or Napa cabbage head is 9 to 12 inches (22-30 cm) high and ready for harvest.

After a month of losing the leaf cabbage-does not form tight heads, use the cut-back method.

When to harvest cabbage

There are dozens of varieties of cabbage. It is important to study the different types of growing to know what to expect. Some varieties remain in the garden for several weeks after hardening and hardening, while others need to be harvested immediately.

Cabbage prefers cool growing temperatures, between 55 ° -75 F / 13 ° -24 C.

Early or spring cabbage matures in 50 to 60 days. Intermediate varieties planted in early spring take 75 to 85 days to reach full size. Late or stored varieties require 85 to 200 days from planting to harvest.

In colder winter areas, cabbage is a spring and autumn crop. In hot-winter areas, cabbage is a winter crop.

Cabbage heads can withstand temperatures up to 20 F (-6 ° C), but if severe frosts are expected you should pull the crop out of the garden or protect it under a layer of straw.

Cabbage for the autumn harvest will form only one head per plant. Set aside large and sturdy heads for long winter storage. Use the rest within a month.

Cabbage for spring or summer harvest can produce two, three, or four heads before winter. When winter or spring-planted cabbage heads are small — harvest without being larger than sauerkraut. When you first cut off the head, cut as close to the head as possible leaving the stems, leaving four to five leaves on the underside of the plant. From each leaf remaining on the stem, a small, loose (about the size of a baseball) grows. These mini-cabbages make delicious salads and can keep for several weeks in the refrigerator.

How to harvest cabbage

When the head cabbage feels firm and firm, it can be cut with a sharp knife from the base of the plant. If the head feels loose and thin, let it mature for a long time. If you cut off the head and leave a few stems, small heads will form for the second harvest.

You can harvest cabbage by pulling plant roots and all.

If a cabbage head starts to crack before you are ready to harvest, turn the head 180 at ground level; The twist will break some roots and reduce the growth of the head. To further slow growth, give the plant another 90 turns. This will slow down the maturation and delay the harvest of heads that you do not need immediately.

At the end of the season, after harvest, the remaining cabbage stalks and roots can be pulled out and placed in a pit dug in the garden for the winter, in a container kept in a hay or chili garage, and advanced into the next season. Winter. In the spring, replant the roots and stems as soon as the soil is worked; These plants produce early spring greens.

How to store cabbage

Store cabbage in a cool, humid place at -32 ° -40 F (0 ° -4 ° C) and 95% humidity. Creating cold and wet storage is challenging. Refrigerators provide cooling, but they also air dry. An alternative to refrigerator storage is a root cellar or garden storage mound or pit.

To store the cabbage in the refrigerator, remove the loose leaves, clip the cabbage so that it has a short stem, then wrap the head with a damp paper towel and place it in a perforated plastic bag over the crispy area of ​​the vegetable in the refrigerator. You can buy perforated plastic bags or make your own by punching 20 holes in a plastic bag; Use a hole punch or sharp object.

Cabbage stored in the refrigerator can be stored for three to four weeks. Cabbage emits a strong odor when inhaled, so it is not uncommon to notice a strong cabbage odor in the refrigerator over time.

To store cabbage root in the cellar, store the plant roots, head and all: Arrange the heads several inches apart on shelves or hang the cabbage heads on the roof.

Hang it down with a string or store it on the floor covered with several layers of newspaper...

You can store cabbage in a garden pit or mound. To create a cabbage storage pit in the garden, dig a hole 2 or 20 feet (61-76 cm) deep and line it with a heavy layer of straw for insulation. Store the cabbage roots upside down and upside down, then cover them with extra straw and a burlap sack or tar on top so you can go into the pit once the snow is covered and the soil is frozen. When you need a cabbage head in the winter, open the storage and take ahead, and re-pack with straw and lid.

Do not wash the cabbage or remove the outer leaves before storing them. Solid heads taken with leaves wrapped outside are best. Handle the head carefully to avoid abrasion.

Cabbage can be stored for a long time - cold, moist storage for 3 to 4 months.

Check stored cabbages frequently and remove heads that produce a yellow or rotten odor.

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