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Grow your own aloe vera by following these helpful tips

 Grow your own cactus by following these 6+ tips Aloe vera is the most common houseplant. They are not only an attractive plant to enhance the decor, but they are also very effective. The juice found in the leaves can help reduce pain in cuts, burns, and scratches. Due to the nature of succulent plants, their growing needs may be slightly different than other houseplants. Read how to best care for the cactus plant. 1. Use a light, airy potting mix The thick, fleshy leaves on the cactus plant are the result of water storage in the cellular tissues. Succulent plants thrive in waterlogged soils as they have more water in their leaves. Strain the light, airy potting mix quickly. Some are marketed for use with particularly succulent plants or you can make your own. The pump recommends mixing commercial potting soil, sand, and equal parts of "grit" such as perlite, pumice, or gravel. 2. Choose unpolished terra cotta pots In general, growers warn that plants in unpolishe