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Orchid maintenance: water, lighting, reuse and more part-2

Orchids Maintenance In their own habitat, orchids grow like weeds, but they are susceptible to house disease as houseplants. For best results, provide the conditions they want. Some species have individual preferences, but all need light, air, water, food, rest, and, from time to time, a new pot to thrive. Orchid flowers Of course, orchids are famous for their beautiful flowers, which will last forever. However, jasmines will choose to bloom. Here are answers to some common orchid flower questions: How Often Do Orchids Bloom? It depends on the type of orchid. Phalaenopsis orchids bloom every few months, other varieties only once or twice a year. How Long Do Orchid Flowers Last? Depending on the species, orchid flowers can last from several days to several weeks. Usually, orchids are kept in a cool place, watered enough, and they will last a long time if not pressed. When should I cut the flower spike?   Once the flowers wither and the stem begins to fall off (called a "

Orchid maintenance: water, lighting, reuse and more part-1

 Growing Orchids Unlike orchids: they are breathtakingly beautiful, delicate, long-flowering, long-lived, attractive in scent and shape and very diverse. Some pleasures in the garden that surpass the thrill of watching orchids thrive. Here's everything you need to know about growing orchids - and we'll list the most common orchid varieties. Once rare and expensive, orchids are now sold more than any other houseplant, surpassing African violets, chrysanthemums and poinsettias. This is because modern cloning techniques allow plants to produce massively, and cultivation that took seven years from seed to flowering now takes only two. About Orchids The orchid family is the largest in area of ​​flowering plants: more than 25,000 species grow naturally on every continent except Antarctica. The largest concentrations of orchid species are found in the tropics of the world, namely Asia and Central and South America. In most parts of North America, orchids should be grown in