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Want your orchid to flower again

Follow these simple steps: 

1. Once your orchid has flowered, you will be left with a flower spike from which most of the flowers have dropped. Don't be tempted to cut it right down to the base...

2. Instead, once all the flowers have fallen, cut off the stem to just above a visible joint (node). This should stimulate the production of another flower stem over the next few months.

3. If no shoot appears and the original stem turns straw-coloured, remove it at the base. The plant should eventually produce a new, strong flower spike.

4. If your moth orchid has a transparent pot, look at the roots. Don't water if the roots are green - wait until they look silvery. Allow water to drain out the bottom of the pot - don't allow the plant to stand in water.

5. Orchids like bright but indirect light - too much direct sunlight will scorch the leaves. A spot near and east- or west-facing window is ideal.

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