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using garden spices and herbs

 Big secrets to using garden spices and herbs Not all spices and herbs are essential in the daily diet. They are popular and we can’t deny their effects on cooking, can we? In addition, they can be used in other ways that are not known to everyone. In today’s post, we are very happy to share the 11 best secrets for using spices and herbs in the garden. Are you ready to see them with us? Take a look at them and you will find most of them available in your kitchen or garden, which means you do not have to spend much time finding them anywhere. Easily change the best ways to solve your problem available in your own garden. For example, cinnamon powder stimulates the rooting hormone and increases the probability of successful growth, spray garlic on your plant to get rid of the fungus, turmeric has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties, and many more. There are many benefits to knowing about their effects and using them in the right ways. Get started right now. 1 as

4 Essential Autumn Jobs for Your Hydrangeas

Autumn Hydrangea Care: 4 Essential Autumn Jobs for Your Hydrangeas Hydrangeas, a traditional garden, are back in fashion in a big way. Stunning flower heads in a range of colors and shapes adorn our gardens depending on the variety in summer and fall. Unfortunately, their beauty does not last all year round. Once the flowers and foliage have died in the fall, you should head to the garden for your annual Hydrangea maintenance session. These tasks are essential to keep your plants beautiful and to make sure they get even stronger next year. This maintenance can be tricky, especially when pruning. Complete these five important tasks this fall to set up your plants for the coming seasons. 1. Pick up the remaining flowers If you are lucky enough to have a few more flowers on the plant, cut them out right away to bring their beauty into the house. Hydrangeas look beautiful in cut flower scenes at any time of the year. With the onset of autumn, when everything else begins to die,

The best beautiful and fragrant plants

 The best beautiful and fragrant plants you need to grow in the yard There are many reasons to grow fragrant plants in your garden. They purify the air, make your living space softer and closer to nature, and reduce stress for humans. Especially on cloudy winter days, our house will be completely refreshed by the beautiful green of the leaves or the natural color of the flowers. In addition, if you spend time searching carefully, you will choose some bonsai that are very fragrant. So, in today’s post, we recommend the 11 best beautiful and fragrant plants you should grow in your yard. They are popular plants to grow in the yard, so their characteristics are fast-growing and easy to care for. Even if you do not have much time for them, they will still grow well. However, you should not forget them. 1 Hyacinth Hyacinth not only has an attractive scent but also blooms with eye-catching colorful flowers that attract humans and other insects. 2 Jasmine Jasmine shows elegant whit

8 Onion peel is used for your garden

 Onion peel is used for your garden Onion peel has many wonderful uses in the garden, in everyday life, even in human health unknown to everyone. For example, onion skins are rich in anti-oxidants and quercetins and have anti-obesity effects; Or your leg cramps will decrease when using onion skins. So, if you want to find ways to control your problem facing problem, today's post will help you find the right way. Check them out with us to know the good benefits of onion skin After using the onion, most of you will throw the onion skin in the trash. Do not do it because they can do more. Your garden should have extra nutrients, your foods should not be too tasty or specialize in improving your health. Onion skins will handle everything while here. To do this, we will try to store this information. We hope that most of them will give amazing results. 1 Send them in the compost bin Onion skins and skins can be fertilized to get nutritious fertilizer. To counteract their put

10 green fruits to grow in the garden

 The best green fruits to grow in the garden If you like to eat fresh fruits and grow them in the garden, this list will help you today. That's green fruit! They are a great way to get more nutrients into your diet, but also have a great look for your garden. Fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients. Like other fruit trees, they are very easy to grow and adapt well to your soil conditions. Most of these plants can be grown vertically or in containers so they are ideal for your small gardens, yards, and balconies. Growing these fruits will bring green space to your homes throughout the year. So, keep reading to find your favorites and grow them now. 1 avocado Avocados not only have a greenish appearance but are also packed with nutrients including folate, vitamin C, potassium, and monounsaturated fat. If you do not have a garden, you can grow dwarf butter in containers. This fruit grows best in hot tropical or subtropical climates.

Store your plastic bottles they will be needed for your garden

Store your plastic bottles As consumers, in an effort to help improve the environment, many are constantly looking for ways to reduce their ecological "trail" - such as recycling, recycling, and recycling. There is an upward trend in homeowners growing a garden to minimize the environmental impact caused by chemical applications and to reduce chemical residues on products. So, it makes sense that people have come up with incredibly unique ideas to turn common items into useful garden hacks. These nine wonderful ideas are to reuse plastic bottles creatively in the garden, saving them from being thrown away or sent for recycling. 1. Mini Greenhouse Gentle plants, especially seedlings, benefit from being grown in clear plastic bottles. Cut off the bottom of a clean bottle, place the top half on top of the plant and push it into the soil. This mini greenhouse will help protect the plant from frost, rain, and wind. 2. Drip feeder For self-watering garden plants, you do

7 houseplants with attractive rainbow leaves

 houseplants with attractive rainbow leaves Decorate your home with colorful plants so it can be alive and well. By growing colorful plants, it will be more vivid at home instead of the usual green. Here you will find 7 houseplants with attractive rainbow leaves. Check it out! Poinsettia Poinsettia or Euphorbia pulcherrima is the most widely used plant in Christmas flowers. This plant will change color in response to short winter days. Poinsettia should not be eaten but should not be harmful to animal or human health.   Calathea Galatia's majestic White Star is an elegant-looking plant. The paint on this plant has white, pink, and green streaks on the leaves. You can place the plants in the corner or on the table for home decoration.   Snow Queen Pothos Popular plants like potholes are ideal for home decoration. Besides its beautiful appearance, Pothos is an easy and inexpensive plant to maintain. You can place this plant by hanging or placing it on the table and in the

You need to know the best fish head benefits for your plants

 best fish head benefits for your plants Did you know that fish head is one of the best natural fertilizers by bringing in the nutrients needed for plant growth? The next time you are ready to throw a spoiled fish or fish in the trash, pause for a second and reconsider. In today's post, we will introduce you to some of the best fish head benefits for your plants that you need to know. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, scrap fish, as well as fish heads, can make an excellent fertilizer. Fish make a good natural fertilizer by producing nitrogen and various minerals. The head of the fish is completely natural, it is easily digested by bacteria, earthworms, and fungi, and this microbe greatly benefits the growth of various plants around the roots, flower, and fruit production. Fish heads are very easy to use, you can cut the fish pieces and add to the soil or crush them in a blender and use the mixture as fish manure. Check them out with us!  1 rose is

8 Safe Homemade Herbal Cleaners

Homemade Herbal Cleaners Herbs are excellent ingredients for making delicious dishes, but also have medicinal properties, such as herbal teas or home cleansers. If you want to grow your own food and other items, you can use them to create natural options for everyday needs. In today's post, we will share with you how to clean your home naturally using safe, common garden herbs. These flowering herbs are easy to grow and will last for many years, giving you long-lasting fragrant herbs. No more worries, here are our best safe home cleaners you can make with popular garden herbs. So, take a look at some of these flowering herb choices and add some to your yard or garden. Even if you do not use them, you will still like their appearance. 1 lavender You can create a natural carpet cleaner at home using lavender to bring a new scent and you will feel more relaxed and calm. Mix a cup of baking soda and about 10 to 12 drops of lavender essential oil. Sprinkle the mixture on you

7 brilliant tips to make your roses bloom

 brilliant tips to make your roses bloom If you are a rose lover, you should watch your roses bloom in the garden every morning. But you think caring for roses is an incredibly complex task, which leads to some of your favorite challenges. Do not worry, we will help you in this post today, join us to explore simple and easy ways to help create a beautiful rose garden! Here are 11 brilliant tips to make your roses bloom all season. Easy to do at any time without much effort or time required. For example, when you eat bananas, do not throw away the skins, keep them because they are rich in phosphorus - the best nutrition for the growth of your roses. Mix the banana peels with the water in a blender and then add this paste to the rose hips. Or when you go to visit your garden, there are some weak and diseased flowers, prune diseased or dead branches to encourage the growth of new flowers. And some simple tips are waiting for you, keep reading! 1 Regular alignment This is one o

Jasmine Plant Benefits That Bring To Your Life

 9 Incredible Jasmine Plant Benefits That Bring To Your Life Jasmines are one of the most beautiful flowers, they are a symbol of purity and strength. Apart from the looking pretty and pleasing fragrance, they stone easily the heart of everyone, both men or women, from aged to young. However, these beautiful blooms are useful for so much more than their own beauty. It is So, in the post today, we will share with you 9 Incredible Jasmine Plant Benefits That Bring To Your Life that you should try once. Are you ready to explore their secrets? Help in losing weight, help in relaxing and relieving stress, purify the air, sleep better,… these are a wide range of good benefits of Jasmines when you know the right ways to use them. Most of them can be made at home easily without requiring any effort. For the reasons, this plant is worthy to become a should-have in your garden, right? Simply spend your time learning ways to use them below, you will see that they are so useful. Read o

Grow your own aloe vera by following these helpful tips

 Grow your own cactus by following these 6+ tips Aloe vera is the most common houseplant. They are not only an attractive plant to enhance the decor, but they are also very effective. The juice found in the leaves can help reduce pain in cuts, burns, and scratches. Due to the nature of succulent plants, their growing needs may be slightly different than other houseplants. Read how to best care for the cactus plant. 1. Use a light, airy potting mix The thick, fleshy leaves on the cactus plant are the result of water storage in the cellular tissues. Succulent plants thrive in waterlogged soils as they have more water in their leaves. Strain the light, airy potting mix quickly. Some are marketed for use with particularly succulent plants or you can make your own. The pump recommends mixing commercial potting soil, sand, and equal parts of "grit" such as perlite, pumice, or gravel. 2. Choose unpolished terra cotta pots In general, growers warn that plants in unpolishe

10 Tips for a Kitchen Garden

 Top ten tips for elegance, simplicity, and beauty in your kitchen garden: 1. Develop what you want as much as possible. Destroy as much space as you can and think about maximum productivity per square inch. 2. Avoid fancy decorations. A vegetable patch, divided by mini hedges, means potter-style, more work, and less food. Boxwood rows promote snails and snails, and perennial weeds encircle the roots. Instead, try edible edges: rows of hard alpine strawberries and nasturtiums will do the trick. 3. Combine jewelry and edible items. In an unexpected partnership (above), the mustard ‘Red Giant’ mixes with the Tulipa ‘grace’. Bonus note: green-flowered tulips are more perennial than the standard color. 4. Layer. Sarah planted this area (above) near the drive a decade ago, greatly reducing the workload while keeping the bed full for a long time. Perennial artichokes mix with bulbs and tubers in three layers: dahlias in trenches at a low level; Allium Hollandicum 'Purple Sens

basil harvest tricks you need to know

 9 useful basil harvest tricks you need to know The herbs are very easy to grow, anyone can do it and they can be harvested after a short time. If you have decided to have your own herb garden, you need to know how to grow those herbs healthily so that you can enjoy their fresh taste throughout the year. Before growing herbs including basil, you need to learn some effective basil harvesting techniques to keep this herb growing healthy and giving more leaves. Here are 9 useful basil harvest tricks you need to know. These tricks are easy to do without any need. For example, when you harvest them, make a clean cut with scissors to avoid damaging the stems. Or do not harvest in cold weather, protect your herb from exposing newly cut stems to severe weather, which can affect growth and vegetation. Other issues that you can easily avoid after reading this post today. To learn more, read on! Use 1 scissors Many people often harvest by pulling the basil leaves, which, unfortunately