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Learn all about using fertilizers in the garden

fertilizers in the garden We use fertilizer to grow our plants well, but when is the best time to fertilize? And how much of what kind of fertilizer do we use? On one page, we will see the basics for applying fertilizer in your garden. What is compost? The soil is rich in organic matter (compost!) And fertilizers are often used to get the nutrients the plants need. Consider fertilizers as nutritional supplements. For example, tomatoes need to grow in soils high in calcium. If you have grown and harvested plants in your garden in the past, these crops have taken up nutrients from the soil, and those nutrients need to be replaced before more plants can be grown in the spring. This is where compost (organic or processed) plays a role. Fertilizers replace the lost nutrients, which ensures that the nutrient content of the soil is at an acceptable level for healthy growth. If you are a brand new gardener, the best first step is to do a basic soil test in the fall and see what typ