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use vinegar in the garden

 These 12 miracles can happen if you use vinegar in the garden You all know what toxic chemicals look like and your garden will not benefit much from them. Although there are a lot of these chemical-based products on the market, they are not safe for your garden and environment. Why not try a natural remedy instead? Vinegar is a wonderful option that works just like chemicals, but instead of destroying our environment, it really helps and is completely safe to use. White distilled vinegar has many benefits in the garden. Continue reading and discovering this amazing vinegar uses: Top 12 Benefits of White Vinegar in the Garden: 1. Removed cats and insects Dogs, cats, rodents, spies, and rabbits hate vinegar. If the cat next door has a habit of coming into your garden, spray white vinegar around that area so you can not see her anywhere near your house. You can soak old clothes in vinegar and hang them on the teeth around your garden. After showering, add more vinegar. 2. You