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3 cute planting ideas for strawberry pots that aren't strawberries

Ideas for strawberry pots that aren't strawberries

While the strawberry pot is mostly used to grow strawberries (hence the name), there are plenty of other uses for this type of plant. For example, if you want to grow flowers to add some color to your garden or front porch, keep your favorite herbs nearby, or display your succulent collection, the possibilities are endless with this hole-filled container. Discover what a strawberry pot is and get planting tips and ideas to help you use this unique planter.

What is Strawberry Pot?

A strawberry pot, also known as a strawberry jar or strawberry planter, is a container with several open pockets randomly scattered around its sides. The idea is to place the strawberry plant at the top of the container and then the strawberry runners can grow daughter plants through the openings on the sides. This system allows you to grow multiple strawberry plants in one "track".

Usually made from fine terracotta, strawberry pots are designed to provide excellent water drainage that strawberry plants need. Despite the name of the planter, this container is suitable for any plant, as well-drained soil will help you get what you want to grow.

Although terracotta is a popular material used for strawberry pots, other materials such as lighter weight plastic and fiberglass are also available. There are even vertical hanging bags that serve the same purpose. Some gardeners have a lip under each side pocket to help retain soil. While this may look beautiful, it can make the planting process more challenging.

How to Plant a Strawberry in a Pot

Start adding moist potting soil to the bottom of the strawberry pot until you reach the first pocket. Place a plant in the pocket from the outside of the pot, making sure the roots are all the way into the strawberry pot. If it is too large to fit in the pocket, you may need to remove some soil from the root ball. Add water to settle the potting mix around the plant's roots, and add more mix if needed to secure the plant in place. Continue filling the container with potting mix until you reach the next open packet. Follow this method for each level of the side pockets until you reach the top, but keep the soil level two inches below the edge to prevent overflow when watering the strawberry pot. After placing your desired plants in the top spot, water all the plants well.

3 Strawberry Pot Planting Ideas

1. Spotlight Succulents

Sun-loving succulents appreciate a well-drained growing environment, making them a great option for stacking strawberries in a pot. And because of the succulents' ability to retain water in their thick leaves, they won't lose a beat if the soil dries out quickly in the summer heat. Make a statement by planting an entire strawberry plant with just one variety, or mix and match your favorite succulent varieties in different pockets.

2. Add some flower power

Plant flowers in your strawberry pot and make a bright and cheery look wherever the planter is displayed. Use easy-care, small annuals such as Calibrazoa to create a beautiful layer of color growing from the scion. If you choose to grow your annuals between real strawberry plants, as shown here, you can enhance the color effect by choosing flowers that have a similar hue to ripening strawberries.

3. Create a mini herb garden

Easily get all your favorite herbs in one place. This strawberry casserole is infused with thyme, mint, oregano, santolina, and sage. A few violets add a pop of color to the top of this plant, and they provide edible flowers. When choosing herbs to grow together, check that they all have similar growing requirements for best results.

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